Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Beginning

Okay. Christine. I've created the blog. Now what? I ought to write about things that happen to me. I guess. I can do that.

A little bit about me. I'm an ordinary guy. An ordinary guy with a couple of health problems who lives on a disability pension. That explains why I'm poor and have plenty of time to write a blog. That doesn't explain why my world is populated by weird characters doing odd things. I guess that I'm just fortunate to have so much interesting material to write about.

Like my friend Christopher. I should probably call him My Boy Christopher. (He likes me better than he likes anybody else. Even Christine, his adoptive mother.) Christopher has ADD, ADHD, Frontal Lobe Disorder, and a few other alphabetical syndromes that I can't remember...or something like that. Whatever he has, Christopher takes a whole bunch of pills every day for it. (I take a whole bunch of pills every day, too...but mine are for dull things like high blood pressure and diabetes. Except for the oxycodone and the oxycontin, and I don't take those anymore...even though they made a few people much less stressful to deal with.)

Anyway, what makes Christopher worthy of being the first entry in the blog is not his quirkiness. Christopher's the most normal person in his family. That's what makes me put Christopher first. Christopher's easier to write about.

Christopher's family, the Grant clan, will take thousands of blog entries to describe. And it will take a lot more entries to write about my family and my other friends.


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