Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I've Got To Stop Watching The News.

I am depressed. A few nights ago, the President of the United States gave the annual State of the Union address. It was a dishonest speech. The President used most of the time promoting the war with Iraq. When the democratics complained about the politicization of the address, the next day the official White House spokesanus explained that the President needed to talk about Iraq because Iraq was an essential part of the official "War on Terror". Bullshit. Saddam Husseins' Iraq, while a brutal dictatorship, was the very last country on Earth that would've supported Islamic terrorists. The United States imprisoned captured Al Quaeda. Saddam Hussein boiled them, their families, their friends, in Nitric acid. Invading Iraq, deposing Saddam Hussein, will be known to future historians as the single best thing that was ever done to support Al Quaeda. Whose side is Geo. Bush working for?

In local news, Christine has embarked on a new business venture. While reactions from the clan range from shock and awe to wry amusement - I, myself, will wait and see whether buying and selling used cars at auctions will be profitable or lint collage construction.

And Christopher got a detention in school. Way to go-Christo! Break those rules-one time. One detention is good. (Thirty-five detentions are too many.) Can't go through life obeying All of the rules, all of the time. Sometimes, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.


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